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Finally, another option

Today, most Internet users have heard all about the benefits of broadband access as long as it's a DSL or Cable Modem connection. But how many Internet users have ever heard about Fixed-Wireless access as an alternative? Although fixed-wireless access is starting to appear in more locations across the U.S. with great success, it's not getting as much of the media limelight as other broadband services. Now one of the nation's newest and best high-speed wireless services is available here in Central NY! CnyWireless service can reach users as far away as 12 miles from our access point atop Syracuse! More access points will be announced soon.

Why Wireless?

In two words, No Wire! By removing the cabling and connections of a complex phone or cable network, wireless offers extreme reliability as an end-to-end service without another company in the middle. Other advantages include:

Fast turnaround time. Orders are often completed within days, not weeks or months as can happen with other services.

Better performance. With symmetrical bandwidth in both directions, upload speeds are typically faster than other broadband technologies at comparable prices.

Hometown Online service and support. With the area's most knowledgeable staff, CnyWireless service boasts 100% customer satisfaction.

Not to be confused with satellite access, like DirecPC, or lumped in with cellular phone services which are slow and require handheld devices, fixed-wireless Internet access does not suffer from the latency problems and bandwidth symmetry problems experienced with most broadband services. With speeds up to 1.5Mbps in both directions, CnyWireless service is able to provide the speed you need while uploading AND downloading.

Fixed wireless does not require satellite systems, a cable connection, or even local phone service. By eliminating many of the expenses associated with other high-speed services, we are able to pass much of the savings on to our customers to provide an affordable yet high performance service for business and demanding residential users.

CnyWireless uses a small, inexpensive wireless access unit consisting of an antenna and wireless radio/router. The Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) is pointed back to our Access Point. Even during rain or snow, your wireless connection will be strong, reliable, and out of reach of falling limbs, outages, and other effects prone to wired networks.